Hi! I'm Aleksandra
the pastry technologist
and nutritionist

I know that people give up certain foods for a variety of reasons: physiological reasons or ethical views.

Regardless, everyone deserves the joy
and the positive vibe of a delicious
and beautiful dessert.
In 2018, I competed for my own health and won it with a functional diet and wholesome nutrition. This is how I learned about the amazing properties of simple food and became passionate about nutritional science.

Today I understand the basics of GI physiology, dietetics, nutritional psychology, functional diets and various protocols.
A strong desire to eat the most real cake, which had to be free of sugar, gluten, lactose and eggs, led me to the confectionary world.
I got involved in experiments, the cakes got better and better, and for the next two years I developed my own brand @soeasy.cake in Minsk, made desserts for a variety of people, participated in food festivals and collaborated with institutions.
I substituted products, came up with combinations and gave joy to thousands of people who had forgotten the pleasure of desserts so long ago.

Pastry art for me is a magical planet of love and creativity.
And there is a lot of giving, gratitude and positive energy on this planet.
I want to teach you how to properly substitute products and make desserts that are right for you.

Cook according to my recipes and immerse yourself in the world of baking and give emotions to yourself and your loved ones, because food is one of the easiest ways to express love!
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