Almond ricotta

Vegan cottage cheese recipe
In this article, I'm going to tell you about this year's discovery: almond ricotta!

I don't know why I haven't tried this vegan version of cottage cheese before, but now that I know how delicious it is, almond ricotta will forever be in my ration.

Want to know what it tastes like? Like cottage cheese.
I eat cottage cheese and I can tell you with accuracy that sometimes I myself wouldn't be able to tell the difference between cow's milk cottage cheese and almond milk cottage cheese.

That means this recipe is great for anyone who chooses a plant-based diet or foods without cow protein. Try it soon, you'll love it!
Ingredients for 300 grams of ricotta:

300 g almonds
1 liter of water
1 medium lemon

The recipe will need a stationary blender, a sieve or colander and gauze or waffle towel

Step 1:
For the almond ricotta, we first have to peel the almonds.
To do this, we pour it in warm water and leave it for one hour.
After an hour, the skin will come off the almonds and they will be easy to remove from the nuts. And as a bonus, our almonds will be clean and after soaking the nuts are much better digested and the nutrients and vitamins get into the bloodstream much faster.

We press down on the large side of the nut and it jumps out of the rind on its own.

When all the nuts are peeled, rinse them and drain the water.
Step 2:
Now transfer the almonds to a stationary blender and add 1 liter of water. If your blender does not hold this amount of food, do this in two steps.

Turn on the blender and run on high speed for about 3-5 minutes so that the almonds are as ground as possible. You can try using an immersion blender or a food processor, but this grinding will leave a much larger amount of cake and the almond milk will not be as rich in proteins, which we need to form ricotta.
Step 3:

Now we need to separate the nut milk from the cake. We take a deep container, put a sieve or colander on it and put gauze, waffle or cotton towel.

I prefer to use a towel, because it does not let anything past the milk.
We pour the contents of the blender over the gauze and stir to allow the milk to drain into the container. And then we pick up the towel and squeeze the almond milk to the maximum.

At the same moment in the gauze remains a dense cake. It can be used in porridge, cookies or other dishes of your choice.
Step 4:

We put the milk on low heat and squeeze the juice of one lemon at the same time. When you notice that the milk is about to boil, pour in the lemon juice and stir it.
You will notice that curd lumps will start to form. This almond milk proteins curdle, separating the whey.

Remove the casserole from the fire and let it sit on the table for about 2 hours.
During this time the whites will curdle as much as possible.
You can also leave the casserole on the table overnight.
Next, we use the sieve and towel again, and now we separate the nut ricotta from the whey.
This time we don't squeeze with all our might, but just let the maximum amount of whey drain out, and then leave the towel with the ricotta on the table or hang it in the kitchen for 5-6 hours.

Our almond ricotta is ready. Use it in sweet and savory dishes as cottage cheese or vegan cream cheese. Add syrups for sweet dishes or vice versa, season with salt, pepper and dried garlic.