Chocolate mousse recipe

Vegan dessert on aquafaba
This is a quick dessert for which you only need a few ingredients.
I make this mousse with aquafaba, and that way I can easily adapt the dessert for those who don't eat eggs for whatever reason.

If you do eat eggs and don't want to bother with aquafaba, you can replace the liquid with 2 egg whites.
Ingredients for 4 servings:

100 g of 72% dark chocolate

80 g cream (cow or coconut)

100 ml of aquafaba

50 g white/brown sugar or erythritol

A few drops of lemon juice


If you find dark chocolate very bitter, you can use milk classic or vegan chocolate.
In this case, you should take 60 ml of cream, as milk chocolate stabilizes a little worse due to the lower cocoa content.

The higher the percentage of cocoa in your chocolate, the more stable the mousse will be.
I've already written about what aquafaba is and how you can easily make it at home.
Reread this article before you start making it HOW TO MAKE AQUAFABA

Next, let's move directly to making the chocolate mousse.
The first thing we do is bring the cream to a boil and immediately pour it over the chocolate.
Choose heavy cream: from 30% for cow cream and 25% for vegetable cream.

I use pure coconut cream from the brand

Stir well with a whisk for a few minutes until you find a shiny and smooth chocolate ganache.
When the ganache is ready, let it cool completely at room temperature.

Let the ganache cool, but do not let it harden and stabilize, so do not leave it in a cool place for too long.
Next, whip the aquafaba.

You can use any temperature liquid, it will not affect the quality of its whipping.

We add a pinch of salt and a few drops of lemon juice to aquafaba and whip for a few minutes without sugar, until a fairly stable foam is formed (photo 1).

When foam begins to form, continue to whip the liquid and add sugar in several stages.
Whipped aquafaba will become puffier and lighter, begin to increase in size and become more dense (photo 2).

Beat at high speed until there are distinct whisk marks and stable peaks (photo 3).
Add the chocolate ganache to the ready whipped aquafaba.
You can leave 2 spoonfuls of ganache for the mousse decoration.

Our task is to mix the contents quickly and homogeneously, but not to burst the bubbles of the whipped aquafaba, so mix the ingredients in a steady, repetitive motion, for example in a circle.

Pour the mousse into molds and place in the refrigerator to stabilize for a few hours.

The eggless chocolate mousse is ready!