Homemade coconut yogurt

Vegan yogurt without sugar and lactose
Homemade coconut yogurt is very different from vegetable yogurts from the supermarket. It is high in healthy fats and, consequently, monolaurin, a substance that provides nutritional support for the immune system.
Such yogurt contains no additives and remains sweet and thick without sweeteners or starches.

Be sure to try the yogurt if you:
- Prefer a Low Carbs High Fat style breakfast;
- Are following an autoimmune protocol or keto diet;
- Are giving up animal products or fasting;
- Have a lactose intolerance or poor digestibility;
- like to experiment!

We need:

Aroy-d coconut milk.

Yogurt starter (available in supermarkets in many countries).

▾ Bring the milk in a pot to a boil and cool it to 37-40 ° C. The milk should be slightly warmer than body temperature, but not hot.

▾ Add 1 sachet of starter and mix well.

▾ Cover the pot with the lid and leave it in a warm place for 8-10 hours. For example in a blanket near the radiator.

▾ Stir and leave the yogurt for 4-6 hours in the refrigerator.

*If you want thick yogurt, leave the milk in the refrigerator for a few hours and use only the cream that has formed in the top of the can/pack;

If it doesn't work, you may be:

1. You bought low-quality sourdough, or did not follow the rules of its storage;

2. You may have put the sourdough in too hot milk;

3. You can leave a spoonful of the finished yogurt.

The shelf life of the finished product is up to 5 days in the refrigerator.
You can make smoothies, bowls or add granola with this yogurt.
Either way I wish you awesome breakfasts!