Honey cookies

Delicious recipe for cookies without honey
With the onset of cold weather, cinnamon, caramel and honey have entered the chat. The cookies taste similar to the very fresh oatmeal cookies we are all familiar with.

I offer you a recipe for cookies without honey if you don't eat them for some reason. But if you like honey, just replace half the amount of sugar in the recipe with it.


40 ml of coconut oil

1 egg or 50 g of apple puree

40 ml cow or plant based milk

80 g brown sugar

100 g wheat flour or gluten free flour mixture

70 g almond flour

4 g of baking soda

Cinnamon if desired

A pinch of salt

Heat butter with sugar and milk in a saucepan until the sugar dissolves, but do not bring to a boil.
Stir well so that the butter interferes with the sugar and does not float on top. You can use an immersion blender.

Allow the mixture to cool slightly and mix in the egg (applesauce), a pinch of salt and cinnamon if desired. Allow to cool to room temperature.

Mix the flour with the almond meal and baking soda in a separate bowl. Stir the dry ingredients into the liquid ingredients until homogeneous and place the dough in the refrigerator for half an hour.

Preheat the oven to 180 °C degrees
Form into balls and press them slightly on parchment. Top with nuts, if desired.

Bake the cookies for 15 minutes on medium oven level, then cool completely on a rack.

I made the decor with caramel.
For the caramel:

105 g cane sugar

40 ml heavy coconut cream

15 g coconut butter

Put the sugar in a saucepan and set over medium heat.

Heat the cream vigorously in the microwave or in a separate container. When the sugar has melted, quickly pour in the cream and stir with a whisk.

Be careful! Hot steam will rise to the top.

Turn off the heat and strain the caramel through a sieve so there are no lumps.Stir in the caramel coconut oil and let cool completely.