How much protein a person needs

To regenerate like cats

If a building brick is protein for the body, the clay from which it is made is amino acids.

The body is 15-20% protein and 75-80% muscle.
See in the picture that one of the causes of hair loss, muscle weakness and unstable mood can be protein deficiency.

A healthy person who does not pull iron is enough 1-1.5 g of protein per 1 kg of weight per day. Children, as well as people who are gaining muscle mass and recovering from illness, should increase their protein intake to 2-2.5 g per kilogram.

The funny thing is that the amount of protein eaten does not mean that the same amount is assimilated and gives the body a set of all the necessary amino acids.

Eggs and seafood are the best sources of animal protein in terms of digestibility and amino acid content.
Dairy products and poultry come next.
Most animal proteins are in principle complete (contain all essential amino acids).

*remember safety precautions when consuming animal proteins. Think again if you order medium rare steaks, carpaccio, and hard-boiled eggs.)
At the same time, most plant-based proteins are not complete.
That's why vegans should learn to combine different plant protein sources to ensure they have a complete set of highly digestible essential amino acids.

For example, combining pea protein and rice protein creates a protein that is hypoallergenic, bioavailable and as complete as 90% digestible (like dairy or egg protein).
Decent protein choices would also be hemp protein and spirulina (85-95% digestibility).

Watch the amount of starches when combining plant proteins, as starches increase insulin.

There are pros and cons to both animal and plant proteins. The optimal combination of these proteins is 1:1.

But the ideal combination of proteins for your body is best selected by experimenting on your own. Take into account individual reactions and characteristics, preferences, lifestyle and feeling of well-being.