Food for immunity support

Antibacterial nutrition and dietary supplements, contrast procedures and detox baths
I will not make a long summation, because every year, every fall and winter, every season of colds and flu, everyone is interested in "how"?

How to support the immune system in a difficult time and protect yourself and your loved ones from unwanted colds. People were interested in all this even before the coronavirus epidemic, and now the attention to immunity support has become as acute as possible.
Before I go on to the specific names of the helpers, let me remind you of the basic rules:

1. dietary supplements don't work without nutrition. That is, it is more important to have a nutritionally rich and nutrient dense diet 2-3 times a day, which takes into account your individual characteristics and needs, and excludes inflammatory trigger foods.

2. Proper sleep patterns have a huge impact on immune system activity, triggers processes that fight oxidative stress, regulates seasonal rhythms and endocrine system activity.

3. Prolonged unregulated stress leads to a response of the body to the damaging factor, causing various ailments and diseases. In addition, stress, contrived by the individual, is also real and has a negative impact.

Top foods to support the immune system
- Fermented foods (yogurt, kefir, sauerkraut, tea mushroom, kimchi, tempeh, miso, etc.)
- Natural coconut products rich in MONOLAURIN (unrefined coconut oil, unadulterated coconut milk)
- Green leafy vegetables (lettuce, spinach, celery, kale, seaweed, and anything with lots of chlorophyll)
- Berries (wild forest berries are high in antioxidants compared to other fruits and vegetables)
- Propolis (a natural broad-spectrum antimicrobial)
- Spices (fresh garlic and ginger, turmeric and cinnamon, oregano and saffron)
- Useful fats

Immunity support supplements
Before taking vitamins and supplements, read the article HOW TO COMBINE VITAMINS AND SUPPLEMENTS
  • Vitamin C is essential for our immune system cells to function at their best.
  • Studies have shown that people who are stressed and/or have high energy expenditures during the day can achieve a significant reduction - up to 50% - in the number of colds and their severity by taking vitamin C.
  • Vitamin D - helps beat the flu and is the best way to prevent it.
  • Zinc plays an important role in cell division, the growth process, wound healing, the immune system, etc. Zinc is involved in dozens of enzymatic reactions in the human body. One of the first symptoms of zinc deficiency is an increased incidence of colds.
  • Echinacea is a proven herbal remedy that protects against colds and helps manage the symptoms.
  • Elderberry is traditionally used in the winter as a protective remedy for the body against colds. In recent years, medical scientists have proven this effectiveness in clinical trials.
  • Curcumin (not turmeric) - has beneficial effects on the entire body, including helping to stimulate the immune system by increasing the body's resistance to infections.
  • Liquid chlorophyll promotes the production of erythrocyte cells, essential for detoxification and strengthening the body.
  • Probiotics are the cats that populate our gut with good microflora. And the state of our gut is 80% reflective of the state of our immune system.
Natural antibiotics and herbal antibacterials
Black cumin oil
It contains more than 100 active substances and about 50 catalysts of natural cell biosynthesis: saturated and unsaturated fatty acids, lipase, tocopherols, multivitamins A, B, P, essential oil, alkaloids (particularly damascene), acetylcholine, catechins, cytokinins, enzymes and others, some of which are still unexplored.
This oil is a rich source of "polyneactive" fatty acids, also known as "vital fatty acids" - which help the body produce hormone-like immune system stimulants.

White willow bark is a natural aspirin
Biologically active substances in the complex have a hemostatic, antiseptic, diuretic effect. They dilate coronary vessels and reduce heart rate, prevent blood clots, increase bronchial secretion, contribute to blood clotting, have the property to increase the secretion of pancreatic juice, have antiviral effect.

Icelandic moss
Lichen acids are the main "secret" ingredient of the plant, produced by its mycobiont. Usnic acid is a specific substance, a product of lichen metabolism. It provides antibiotic, analgesic, antiviral, anti-tuberculosis and insecticidal effect.
Icelandic moss has immunomodulatory, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, choleretic and absorptive qualities, which are used in the treatment of respiratory and digestive system diseases, as well as to eliminate dermatological problems.

Cranberries, raspberries and cowberries
Raspberries are anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antibacterial and diaphoretic. It fights upper respiratory tract infections and colds due to its salicylic acid content. Naturally lowers fever. Supports microflora due to the rich copper content! Cannot be used in certain kidney and pancreatic diseases.

Cranberries - Scientists have found acids in cranberries that are identical to antibiotic action against E. Coli (this large group of bacteria that cause kidney inflammation, bladder inflammation, and infectious gastroenteritis). Cranberry extract is effective even against those strains of bacteria which have become resistant to traditional antibiotics. The action of the berry comes down to activation of special "cranberry" molecules, which do not allow bacteria to remain on the mucous membrane of the stomach, intestines or bladder, which prevents the development of disease.

Lingonberry is rich in pectins, polyphenols and essential oil, which contains about 70 useful organic compounds, vitamins, especially vitamin C. Its fruits contain benzoic acid, a natural preservative. In the environment created by this acid, pathogenic bacteria lose the ability to develop and reproduce. It is this benzoic acid that turns lingonberry into an antibiotic, determining its anti-inflammatory effect. In addition, lingonberry increases the activity of antibiotics and sulfonamide drugs, so it is recommended for febrile patients, and to increase appetite after serious illnesses and injuries.

The laurel leaf gives off phytoncides - volatile plant antibiotics! It is believed that laurel phytoncides are even detrimental to the tubercle bacillus. The laurel also produces an essential oil that has pronounced antiviral, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, which makes it practically a universal natural medicine.

Horseradish - contains the glycoside sinigrin and mustard oil. If horseradish root is crushed, the two substances are combined by oxygen to form allyl mustard oil (allylisothiocyanate), a natural antibiotic. This compound successfully fights bacteria in the nasopharynx and mouth.
Po d' arco (ant tree bark)
Stops, and in some cases even completely stops the development of herpes viruses, polio, stomatitis and influenza.

Cat's claw (Uno de Gato)
Healing properties of the drug are due to the group of oxyindole alkaloids (isopteropodines) contained in its composition, the action of which is aimed at activation of T-lymphocytes that destroy cells of neoplasms in tissues of the body. Substances in the Cat's Claw activates phagocytosis in tissues, normalizes the balance of immunoglobulins in the blood, improve blood rheology, while significantly reducing the risk of thrombosis in the vascular system. Cat's claw has anti-inflammatory and cytostatic effects. Active components of the drug contribute to the destruction of viruses in the body, disrupting the mechanism of replication of their DNA structures.

Contrast treatments and detox baths
Despite the benefits of contrast treatments and baths, not everyone can take them. Before choosing a treatment for yourself, be sure to read the complete list of contraindications.
Contrast Showers
Thanks to the effect of low temperatures (or hardening) increases the body's resistance to the cold, and by stimulating the immune response we can talk about the prevention of SARS. A hardened person has an accelerated metabolism and well-developed thermoregulation, which in turn allows you to keep warm longer when cooled.

Warm up well for 3-5 minutes under warm water in the shower. Remember that both warm and cool water should be comfortable for you.
Then switch the water to comfortably cool water for 1.5 minutes, and then repeat the cycle 3 times, stopping at cold water.
Wanting to switch water from boiling water to ice will only add unnecessary stress to your body.

Turpentine baths
They have anti-inflammatory, analgesic properties, they are also known as a good antiseptic. The indications for use are very diverse: from heart disease to gastrointestinal diseases.
Depending on the emulsion chosen, use according to the instructions on the package.

Bath, sauna, hammam
The main protagonist in the bath is the hot steam, which has a complex effect on the entire body. Under its influence the skin, blood, muscles, bones and joints are heated. This improves blood circulation, accelerates metabolism, improves nutrition of all internal organs, increases heartbeat, increases immunity, trains blood vessels and relaxes musculature.

Epsom salt bath
A quick and effective way to cleanse the body and recover from emotional and physical stress, stress, jet lag, irritability, weakness.
English salt relieves inflammation, helps to relax, relieves muscle pain and softens rough skin. It acts as an emollient, exfoliator and antibacterial.
It is also possible to do not baths, but baths only for the feet.
So what to do?
- Let's take care of our diet: say goodbye to fast carbohydrates, smoked foods, salted foods, and refined foods. Add to your diet products to support the immune system.
For prophylaxis use two or three products from the list of natural antibacterial products.

- Establish a sleep schedule. Think about work-life balance.

- Make it a habit to exercise/do exercises and walk in the fresh air every day.

- Try a comfortable format of water procedures. A daily contrast shower, salt baths several times a week or a weekend trip to the sauna.

Please don't make an Olivier out of your life in pursuit of covering as many benefits as possible. Do not take all foods and supplements at the same time and do different water treatments every day. Choose only those positions that are comfortable for you and be healthy!
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