Plum pie

With vanilla and cinnamon
Plums are a fruit that I fell in love with as I grew older, as many people begin to love olives.
I have a vivid memory from my childhood: I am in the village, summer is coming to an end and a huge number of yellow and red plums are falling from the trees into the tall grass. There are so many that it is impossible to gather them all, and my family is in no particular hurry to do so.
Now I would eat a bucket of juicy country plums with sourness, but at the supermarket there are only big and beautiful plums that look like peaches. They are not as fleshy and tender as my childhood memories, so they look best as pie on puff pastry.

Ingredients for d=24 cm

300 g of puff pastry
(150 g flour
70 ml water
90 g butter
1/4 tsp salt)

8 plums

60 g brown sugar

25 g corn starch

1/2 tsp cinnamon

lemon juice

Vanilla or vanilla essence

Prepare the dough:

Add salt and lemon juice to ice water and mix until completely dissolved.
Grate the butter on a coarse grater, send it to the sifted flour and mix with a mixer with a paddle attachment until fine crumbs.

Pour in the ice water and mix until a homogeneous texture.

Do not knead the dough with your hands, as your hands give off heat and the butter will melt.

If you have a blender with a bowl in your kitchen, you can simplify the task. To do this, simply send the flour and butter into the bowl and mix. Afterwards, pour in the water and whisk again.

If you would like to simplify the task even more, buy a puffed, yeast-free mortar.
We will need 300g.
Prepare the filling:

Wash the plums, cut them into pieces and remove the pips with a knife.
Cut each half lengthwise or crosswise and place it on the dough.
Mix the cornstarch with the sugar, cinnamon and vanilla.

Pour the dry ingredients over the plums with a sieve.
Put in the oven for 30 minutes at 180 °C degrees.
Use a medium level and up/down or convection mode.

The plums will juice quite quickly, but the starch will thicken it.

Cool the finished pie and try not to eat it all at once!