How I became an ambassador
of refined sugar

Myths and legends about sugar and sweeteners
Sugar has been hated on all sides, but if you've read to this sentence, you're not sick of the subject yet.
Marketers have executed the plan and sparked a war between humanity and white sugar. The opponents today are syrups, dried fruits and sweeteners.
But here's wondering, what difference does it all make when it comes to simple chemistry?
I've put together the most popular myths and figured out how it really is.
Better to eat fruit than sugar
Fructose, like sugar, is unpleasant for diabetics and is less effective at satisfying hunger, making them want to eat more. Fruit, for example, can cause bloating in kids with irritable bowel syndrome, white sugar does not. There is no single "best" for everyone.

Useful dried fruit candies
Dried fruits "weigh" the same amount of sugar as fruit, only eat them usually more than one piece.

Losing weight without white sugar
Only lose weight from a calorie deficit. You can eat only sugar and lose weight from a caloric deficit.

Please, me on maple syrup

Agave syrup, topinambour syrup, maple syrup, and honey contain large amounts of simple sugars and behave just like table sugar in the body. Yes, the syrups have beneficial elements, but it doesn't help to be healthy.

Skin problems from sugar

This sounds like a symptom. If you suspect your GI tract is responsible for your skin problems, check with a specialist, your intestines may look like a sieve.

Don't want to feed the fungus

Conditionally pathogenic flora and Candida fungus grow equally cool from many types of sweeteners, syrups and fruits, starches, flours and dairy.

Cooking with Stevia

Stevia, sucralose, and erythritol are harmless substitutes. Keep in mind that desserts with them in the mix will be really expensive and watch out for eating three pieces of cake instead of one.

My conclusions:

There is a goal to be a hyugarfree - switch to a LCHF or keto diet or don't eat more than 20 g of fructose sugar per day.

If you have a health problem, you should look for a specialist and follow his instructions.
If addicted to sweets, it doesn't matter what kind of sugar you eat by the kilograms.
If healthy and sometimes you want cake - it doesn't matter what sugar it's made with, but you can choose options with added bonuses.

Eat this regular candy with a clear conscience and spend the money on quality butter or fresh herbs.